So many benefits.

  • Simple

    Faster time to value – a tool that anyone can use

  • Global

    Access from Asia Pacific, the Americas or Europe

  • Mobile

    Allowing collaboration from a job site to the office via an iPad

  • Instant

    Get going today – no expensive vendor rollout costs

  • Integrate

    Integrate with Xero out of the box – or talk to us about a custom integration

  • Scalable

    Drive user adoption with an easy to use, scalable tool

  • Geospatial

    Geospatial "goodness". Map your assets

  • Multi Currency

    Buy in one currency, but report in your organisations base currency for clarity

  • Secure

    Secure year round access to your data. So much more secure than Excel

  • Scalable Team

    Enterprise Edition comes with 15 user licenses for your organization with the ability to purchase more anytime

  • Documentation

    Forget file shares and dropbox, Store the documents in the best related place you can. Right next to the virtual item itself

  • Multi Language

    Coming soon. Drive user adoption and go global with multi-language support. Perfekt. Perfecto!

Stop searching file shares or desk drawers

Save documents alongside each
individual asset.

This includes:

  • User manuals

  • Receipts

  • Warranties

  • Asset photos

  • Invoices

  • Maintenance guides

  • Safety certificates

  • Compliance docs

It's like an asset management system and tailored
document management system in one

Get started today!

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