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Who uses Asset.Guru?

Appliance installation done right

Earthmoving Equipment Rentals
and Sales

Solving a concrete industry crisis

Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia

Complete your project
toolkit with Asset.Guru

Project teams for Construction, Building and civil engineering businesses need a tool to track everything from machinery, excavators, trucks and tools in order to do business right.

Move off spreadsheets and onto a platform to sit alongside your job management toolkit.

Project Teams

Ensure the right equipment is checked out to complete the project.

For Finance Teams

Depreciate vehicles, machinery and tools to get the best financial outcome for your projects.


Understand what will be left when the project is complete and handover is done. Gain insight into tool loss and machinery onsite for safety or reporting purposes.

Get a real time report on what you own

Track your expensed assets on the go

Depreciate your fixed assets with automatic journals into QuickBooks Online or Xero

Scale with purpose on a 100% cloud based platform

How does Asset.Guru help Building and Construction Companies ?

For Your team

A tool to manage what you need ON your project.

A “who has what” approach with Check-in and check-out...Or choose Enterprise Edition for project by project based reporting.

For the Owner

A register of what will be left for the new owners when the keys are handed over.

Why do clients demand Asset.Guru?

For Aged Care Providers

Maintain a unit by unit… or villa by villa listing of all building inclusions

Asset.Guru helps to track air conditioning, ovens, Carpet, heaters, furniture and fittings

For Rental Accommodation and Hotels

Include all fixtures and fittings that can be depreciated to maximise deductions!

Our tip: Add photos, invoices and warranties to provide a proof of purchase or to support an insurance claim


Does Asset.Guru Support

Yes, no integration required, process your bills normally for your fixed assets to be automatically imported into Asset.Guru.

Can my auditors and investors log in to ensure we have good governance?

Yes, absolutely, you can provide full access or read only access as needed. (Plan user limits apply)

Does Asset.Guru support multiple entities?

Yes, you can have multiple QuickBooks Online or Xero files, each can be linked to a separate Asset.Guru license in the local currency, each with its own users, assets and settings.

Is Asset.Guru only focused on Depreciation?

No. Having a complete picture of what you own is the best possible outcome for your growing startup or tech company. This is the pivotal difference, having a true picture of your company’s net worth is key to its viability. Your investors may ask for that level of detail too.

Its our core belief that anyone can be an Asset Manager

So, what will you be?

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