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Schedule preventive recurring maintenance Forward looking, forward thinking! Leverage the inbuilt maintenance calendar.


Why should your external contractors know more than you do? Asset.Guru’s Maintenance Module gives YOU control of your own assets maintenance.

Job Management

Job Management

Assign jobs & tasks to your staff, external contractors or yourself.

Where are things up to? Understand what’s done, what’s in progress and what needs to be done.


Want to learn how wise that purchase decision was?

See a full history of maintenance jobs to help you make better decisions in the future.

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The Maintenance Module is an AddOn to the Asset.Guru Platform and it can be added to your account at a $60 monthly fee.

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*The Maintenance AddOn is only available for the Starter, Growth and Enterprise plans. The $60 pricing is based on 3 users (minimum) and $20/user/month for extra users.