• Always

    Information about your assets. Connect from just about anywhere in the world. Collaborate with your team to understand more.

  • Asset Financial

    Work out your asset net worth, see the trajectory, and see what to act on next. A dollar saved is a dollar earned!

  • Geospatial

    Find out where it is. Lent something to someone? Checked it out to another business? Or put it there yourself and need to keep a track?


The foundation of amazing business innovation

Imagine turning your asset portfolio into a powerful engine of growth!

We capture all your existing asset management data, make it easy to interrogate in real time, and even easier to add more information every day!

Asset.Guru gives you the business intelligence you need to respond to commercial opportunities faster than your competition.


Some call it understanding. We just call it – "Good Business Sense"

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Now that your business is really taking off, it's definitely time to start tracking all those things that really add up! After all – you could be missing out on a bigger tax return if you aren’t depreciating as much as you can!

Wheelbarrows, Air-conditioning units, Tables, Chairs, Vehicles, Drills or optic fiber cable – it should all form part of your balance sheet. Let's get tracking!


Are you claiming every possible deduction from every asset?

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Working alone its easy to stand up and see everything you own. But what about after you have 3 employees... or 33? Or 300? Before you reach for yet another spreadsheet to lose on your hard drive, sign up for Asset.Guru! It tracks what you paid for your assets, and once set up, what the depreciated value is... and if you are a Xero user - it'll even add it to your accounts automatically.

With Accountants costing up to $600 per hour – gain a whole year of value with Asset.Guru... and make your accounting and tax time faster and more productive! Maximize the depreciation that you could be legally claiming! And if all this sounds like too much work, let us know and we’ll connect you with an Asset.Guru savvy Accountant who will do the lot!


Leave 1990 Asset Management behind and launch into Asset Collaboration

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In the old days Asset Registers were done on spreadsheets, filled with complexity then dusted off at tax time. Welcome to the game changer! Keep everyone in sync! Asset.Guru gives you the ability to collaborate with specialists: Like your purchasing guru or your accounts payable guru. Create a winning team by making them Asset Gurus!

What about people outside my business? Inviting trusted advisors could help you leverage the intelligence of external stakeholders. In business just about everyone wants clarity. Asset.Guru can help you securely mitigate risk and minimize the number of lost assets by harnessing the power of the people you trust. We call this Social Asset Management.


As your product or service goes global - shouldn't your business?

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From mining assets in the Australia outback, heavy machinery in the Cotswold's or Solar Panels in Sacramento -

Asset.Guru lets you drop a pin to track where things are. Wouldn’t that make your life easier?


QuickBooks and Xero make people happy.

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Connect to QuickBooks or Xero? Job done! In just a few clicks avoid non billable time every year!

Empower and automate your journal posts with Asset.Guru.


Don't get hysterical - get Historical!

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Time Saving reports out of the box for both depreciation and journals – with even more reports coming! You may just hear your CFO say: "EPIC".

Understanding and driving value in your business just got easier!

Endless Features

  • Simple

    Faster time to value – Asset.Guru is a tool anyone can use. Anywhere!

  • Global and Mobile

    Any time, any where access is what we are about. Asset.Guru has gone global! Never miss an update - or the chance to capture a found asset! Why be stuck in your office when you can be in the cloud? Collaboration from a job site or the office.

  • Scalable

    We grow with your business. Simply add more users as you grow! Whether you have 10,000 employees or only 1, you can scale up your usage when you scalp your business.

  • Transparency

    Can your senior management and your trusted advisors all see what’s going on with your assets at any given time? With Asset.Guru, it's all available at the click of a button. Anywhere. Any time!

  • Secure

    Secure year round access to your data. Spreadsheets can be easily deleted, shared without your knowledge or simply error prone by mistakes! Secure your assets with a cloud based collaborative solution.

  • Documentation

    "It's like an asset management system and a document management system in one!" Store every document associated with your asset right next to the virtual item itself.

  • Multi Language and Multi-currency

    Asset.Guru's Enterprise Edition now supports multi-currency transactions. Watch this space for multi language capability in the next release!

  • iPad mobility

    Take your work on site with you - with iPad support all you need to do is connect to the internet and you can do your job from just about anywhere.

  • Instant

    Get started today – no expensive vendor rollout costs

  • Work as a team

    Invite internal and external stakeholders to make sure every asset is listed. Executives, investors and finance teams working as one.

  • Geospatial: Track where it is!

    Asset.Guru keeps an online register of where and what your net worth comprises of. You can even put in items of no direct value that mean a lot to your business. Think of tracking everything – even what you give your employees when they start their job!

  • Time saving

    Forget the unproductive hours chasing the latest spreadsheet. Leverage a tool which works for you!

  • Minimize your asset management costs

    Spending thousands maintaining an asset register? And perhaps even more money working out who has taken what? Asset.Guru sorts out the who, what, why or tracking your items of value.

  • Cloud Based

    Take the pressure off your time, no more worrying about who is going to support the application and what server to run it on. Asset.Guru is 100% Cloud based to release you from the headache of hardware!

  • SaaS (The power of Multi-tenancy)

    Always be on the latest version by default. Whenever we add new features you'll get them by default – no more messy time consuming software updates!

  • Add Certainty!

    Why wait until year end to discover your depreciation position. Know where you stand: a Tax and Accounting report is part of every edition.

  • Works with QuickBooks & Xero!

    Better together: Seamless integration with your choice of either QuickBooks or Xero. Spend less time posting journal entries and more time on your business. Extend the value of your work.