Welcome to the next generation of fixed asset management

It's never been this easy to scale or share a single source of truth.
Viva la Asset Revolution!

Benefits include:

  • Work off the latest version. Anytime

    No more Excel nightmares. Asset.Guru always shows you the latest version of the data.

  • iPad mobility

    Take your work on site with you - with iPad support all you need to do is connect to the internet and you can do your job from just about anywhere.

  • Work as a team

    Invite internal and external stakeholders to make sure every asset is listed. Executives, investors and finance teams working as one.

  • Grow - without the complexity

    Bring compliance, process and structure to the reality of small business with a tool that empowers explosive growth!

  • Global access

    As long as you have internet access you work from just about anywhere! Helping your clients - even if its from that tropical getaway!

  • Tax and accounting depreciation support

    Work as a team - by tracking both the tax depreciation level and the accounting submitted depreciation in the one tool.

  • See all your asset registers within one solution

    Asset.Guru supports multiple client organisations just like Xero.

  • Time saving

    Forget the unbillable hours chasing the latest spreadsheet - which is out of date anyway. Leverage a tool which works for you.

  • Reports

    Less stress at tax time - download or view a depreciation report for your client - or include it as a "value add" to your client!

"Clarity around the value and location of our clients Fixed Assets is an essential part of determining their true financial position. Asset.Guru does this better than any other cloud based solution we have seen on the market."

Simon Allsop,
Managing Director – My Accounts