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Asset.Guru Enterprise Edition is the Independent, laser focused Asset Management choice for your NetSuite business. Stop using spreadsheets and move beyond an Asset Register by choosing Asset.Guru!

Some of the main benefits

Asset.Guru offers full lifecycle
management of your
company’s assets online.

Access enterprise grade features
for your business today from the
office or on location.

With real-time visibility of your
assets by location, track the
condition and add photos from an
Apple iOS or web enabled device.

Each asset has their own profile
for asset maintenance and easy
attachment of warranty and
other important files.

Depreciate your assets for both tax and
accounting purposes and integrate this
with global cloud accounting packages
used in 180 currencies.

Let us help you take care of
your asset migration, training
and support with our team of

Let Asset.Guru help you receive
and transfer assets with historical
information between other
related entities on the platform.

Look up assets quickly by using
existing barcode scanning devices
connected to Asset.Guru.

Benefit Comparison

Asset Management

by NetSuite by Asset Guru

Full Life Cycle Management

Asset Purchases

Integrate with Accounting software



Document File Storage

Unlimited Asset types

Tax and Accounting Depreciation

Document files

Warranty Management
Insurance management

Inspection and maintenance log

Asset location mapping and register

Mobile App: Specialist Fixed Asset Mobile Application




Number of assets



Support available

Fixed Asset Helpdesk: Specialist topic advice and best practices

Onboarding services

General Ledger Agnostic - move GL's as you grow

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