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4 reasons why your startup needs asset tracking

Starting a new business can be tough. Entrepreneurs usually face huge challenges when managing a startup, from people management to business growth decisions, nothing is simple and it takes time and money.

Everything needs to run smoothly within the organisation so business owners can focus on their main goal: growing their business.

For many startups, one way to support growth, save money, and more importantly, time is through asset tracking.

In simple terms, asset tracking means having proper visibility on what a company owns and where those assets are. Even if your company only has a few laptops, tracking which employee has what, at which location, and when they need to be replaced can be valuable.

Here are 4 reasons why you should embrace asset management for your startup now:

1. Increase Productivity and Save Time

Asset tracking will free your employees from admin tasks such as updating spreadsheets and scheduling maintenance, giving them time to focus on other areas of your business.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Maintenance Costs

A good asset tracking platform will give you visibility on when your assets were last maintained and notify you when you need to schedule a new maintenance. It will also notify you when warranties are about to expire, so you can be proactive rather than reactive.

3. Asset Audits, Compliance and Credibility

An asset tracking software will help you to perform audits in order to increase the visibility of your assets and reduce any compliance risks, giving you accurate data to support your decisions. With an asset management tool, you can get detailed compliance reports with a few clicks. These reports could take months if the data was compiled manually.

4. Support growth and scale your business

Using an asset tracking software will keep you on the top of your business, helping you to scale successfully with peace of mind.


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